I'll throw in my two cents to Construction

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Person A hands Host (refered in the form H here on out) say 100k. H rolls dice. If the result is 60plus (60x2) it means H keeps the cash. If it's 60or less, then H exchanges Player A for 200K (hence that 'x2' in "60x2'). H's are a trusted source because they must pay for RuneScape Gold their rank (10B+) thus swindling individuals for 500k, there's no need. Nope, doubt people even dice much in F2P. That's why you go to reliable MEMBER clans, although, unfortunately it's 1M+ min to place a bet.

Presently, I'm working to build my skills to at a minimum of 60, so that I am not at all naive. I'm trying figure out what I should do to get each skill better. Any ideas? What is the cost? everything cost and approximately how long would it be?

Im really looking forward to increasing my farming, slayer, summoning, runecrafting, and hunter level since they're a bit nutty. At present, I am working on fletching , so don't worry about that skill. I'm hoping to master this for each tenth. Example: I'd get all the skills at least 60, and then get them to minimum 70, then to at least 80, etc. Thanks!

I'll throw in my two cents to Construction. Oak Larders + Stealing Creation Hammers. It will take you from 33-60 quickly, and you won't be able to tell what hit you. Seriously. Building them and taking them down got me from 33 to 70 in a flash, for it to be the Void Series of quests.

I'm pretty sure that's the most cost-effective way to go about it particularly if you plank-make all of OSRS Fire Cape your oak logs. I don't remember the level requirement that is required for Plank Make, though.

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