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Truthfully, Beckham seemed apprehensive about wearing them. Alfredo Piferi, formerly the head Golden Goose Sneakers designer at Jimmy Choo, debuted his eponymous collection at Milan Fashion Week in February, composed of sleek and 100 vegan boots and curvy sandals with removable components, like a rhinestone bracelet or soquette ruffle at the ankle.

I am absolutely obsessed with everything and anything from Hereu Studio. The idea Ahluwalia pitched to Microsoft is up and running today: Circulate is a new digital platform designed to crowd-source clothing from the local community. Creating a gold halo to go around someone's finger, and just to protect them, to guide them, to love them through whatever phases in their life, and to be passed along.

Katie Holmes, the queen of classic New Yorker style, is one such star hanging on to her summer wardrobe. The Paris-based designer, who creates zero waste-minded vegan shoes that come in cool colors and without granola crunch, created itty-bitty shoes for the child in conjunction with 3-D-printing footwear company Zellerfeld.

I don't want to forget the castle, but you have to be rooted in the present, he said. And to be sure, Katie flexes bold looks, too. Asymmetrical swimsuits are layered under blazers, acid-y jersey dresses are ruched to the hip and slashed at the ribcage, and marled knit dresses and skirts come with cutouts and wrap-effect details.

The best part of my platform Crocs, aside from their comfort level, is the fact that they quite literally help me make friends. It's wild to me that there are still so many barriers to normalizing breastfeeding, says Myer, noting that it has only been legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 states for 3 years.

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