Moncler Jacket Sale could

Moncler Jacket Sale could

I truly believe in the power of connecting communities around experiences and creative visions. A technique widely used in the grottoes of Lombardy's lakeside villas during the Mannerist and high Baroque periods.

So the whole collection was based around trying to create garments that could be condensed into very small spaces." Green and his team presented paper mock - ups of the pieces to Moncler's team, showing how they might construct a garment with down pillows, "and how it Moncler Jacket Sale could be folded through a series of hinges, and lips to suck the air out to reduce the volume of the down." That packability isn't so clear from the static lookbook images, he said - so there are videos showing how the pieces can be shrunken down.

The "rid the mid" movement is more of a spiritual quest to be your best and defy the merely average, he said, describing it as "more of a self - reflecting campaign," or "quality control of yourself.

"I have always loved opposing ideas and the tension between two extremes, so exploring the ideas of heavy and light in this collection helped to push the development process further," Green says.

Moncler has been the subject of merger speculation after media reports in December, which Ruffini played down at the time, that it had held exploratory talks with Gucci - owner Kering.

Out this week, Craig Green's latest collection in collaboration with Moncler's Genius project was made a little differently. He usually commutes to Milan monthly; this time he was restricted to only one visit. With no physical presentation possible, he had to consider how to deliver the message of the collection through photography rather than an arrangement of space.

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