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Sports Illustrated's refusal to showcase UConn both male and Nba 2k22 Mt female players on the cover, ESPN's coverage of the Monarchs, Shock, and Lady Vols, and my going to college , which promotes women's sport coverage all played a role in the development of the cycle. But video games do have an unmatched power. As you play for your team, you turn into an avid fan. It is obvious that Parker's appearance on the cover of NBA2K will motivate young girls and boys to become dedicated basketball fans.

The top seed Wizards District Gaming, and the No. 3 Hornets Venom GT rolled to sweeps in the NBA 2K League's The Turn Tournament on Friday night. The $260,000 tournament, which is the second of two in-season tournaments this year, is scheduled to run until Saturday. The tournament will be played in a best-of-3, single elimination format. The champion will receive $117,000 and the second place winner will receive $52,000.

Wizards District Gaming took a lead of 20-5 following the first quarter. They defeated Pistons GT, 66-56. In the rematch which they lost 70-61, advancing to the tournament semifinals. John "JBM", Mascone was the most dominant of the four Wizards District Gaming players scoring in double figures. JBM finished the game with 20 points, and 9 assists. Ryan "Dayfri", Conger added additional points, 13 rebounds and nine assists. JBM had 31 points and had 12 assists. Dayfri had 13 points and 12 boards.

Hornets Venom GT's sweep was at the expense of NetsGC which lost 82-74, and 82-7. Craig "rigby" Burnett Jr. was the Hornets' top scorer Venom GT with 27 points, while Justin "Sherm" Sherman posted 18 points and 13 assists in their first game. In the second, Sherm tallied 30 points with 11 assists as well, and Peter "PeteBeBallin" Malin tallied 23 points and nine rebounds.

The other games on Friday were three-game sets. No. 13 Blazer5 Gaming took two of three wins from No. 12 Jazz Gaming, sandwiching 75-69 and 86-7 wins on top of an loss of 84-67. The team also lost 84-67. 15 Heat Check Gaming won two of the three alternating victories and buy 2k22 mt losses, beating No. 7 Kings Guard Gaming 74-65, winning a nail-biter 64-62 and then winning another important game at scoring 74-71.


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