If you’re new to all of this you’ll want to first know how to

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If you’re new to all of this you’ll want to first know how to check IVs and all about breeding in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you’re familiar with all of that though, you’ll just want to get to the method, but first a warning. This requires some circumvention of basic Pokemon mechanics, including game saves. There is a chance you can corrupt your save file while doing this, so proceed with extreme caution. With that said, all you need to get a 6 IV Ditto in Sword and Shield is a Wishing Piece.

While we previously showed you where to get Ditto, that’s just to get a random one. For a 6 IV Ditto you need to get him from a raid, and there’s one particular spot where this can occur. The Stony Wilderness section of the Wild Area has a raid spot tucked away in a small corner. From the nursery just head under the bridge to the right and you’ll see it behind some tall grass. This is where Ditto raids can spawn. If the light coming from the raid is purple, it is definitely a Ditto. If it has no raid at the time you’ll want to buy a Wishing Piece from the Watt Trader next to the nursery. It’s expensive so you may need to get more watts.buy 6iv shiny pokemon

Once you have that you’re ready to go, so head to the raid spot and get ready. This is where things get tricky, because we’re going to try to force a Ditto raid from the spot. To do this turn off auto save and set text speed to slow. We’re going to save the game now because we’ll be resetting to this point a few times. Select the option to use a Wishing Piece then save, but be ready to immediately press the Home button. You’ll be looking at the light just at the second you press the A button. If it was purple, load the game again and fight the raid. If it was red, you’ll want to close the game and restart to try again.
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