When I reviewed NBA 2K21 last year I compared

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When I reviewed NBA 2K21 last year I compared it to ‘The Flu Game’, the infamous match-up between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz in the ‘97 Finals where Michael Jordan put in a game winning, 38 point performance while shaking and sweating profusely, regularly leaving the court to vomit. The sabotaged pizza at the heart of NBA 2K21 was VC, the in-game currency needed in virtually every game mode. On the court, just as Jordan was in the Flu Game, the action was sublime, but it was dragged down everywhere else by this insidious infection. NBA 2K22 is still crammed with monetisation, but the comparison no longer feels apt. It’s no longer anything like the mid-’90s Bulls team; it’s more like the early ‘00s Lakers. It’s good, but it’s soulless and joyless.

The monetisation is worse than ever. On PS5, before you even start the game up, the offer to buy coins is advertised to you. Most frustratingly, coins are too tied to so many modes. In FIFA, the monetisation is similarly predatory, pushing you constantly towards Ultimate Team, the mode NBA 2K’s MyTeam directly riffs on. But at least in FIFA, this is confined to Ultimate Team. In NBA 2K, it goes to both MyTeam and MyPlayer mode, so even though it looks like the game gives you a few coins for free, if you want to experience every mode the game has to its full potential, it’s near impossible without investing money since you’ll need to spend your free coins, and you simply don’t have enough of them for both.buy fifa 22 coins

You’ve probably seen Jake from State Farm in MyPlayer mode, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can wander around the shopping district, where brands such as Adidas, New Balance, and - yes! - State Farm can all be advertised to you. In this game that you’ve paid $70 for and are constantly being asked to pump more money into to buy virtual cards, you are free to wander around a fake city and browse through an endless array of adverts. I say wander, but you can also skateboard if you’d prefer. Seeing as this is a basketball game though, while skating is faster, it’s also naff. It gives you a faster way to experience all of these garish advertisements I suppose.
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