New World graphics card failure is due to improper welding

New World graphics card failure is due to improper welding

Earlier this year, Amazon released its MMO New World for beta testing. But it didn't take long for the RTX 3090 GPU to be reported on the Internet. This has led to Buy New World Coins reports that the beta version of New World is making expensive RTX 3090 graphics cards made by EVGA expensive. But Amazon subsequently issued a statement insisting that the beta version is "safe to play", which seems right. At present, EVGA has investigated this problem and found that the hardware failure is caused by improper welding.

When reports of card failures began to surface, some users speculated that the problem was due to power peaks and overheating caused by the absence of an upper frame rate set in the New World beta menu. When Amazon started limiting frame rates as a precaution, EVGA began to replace the affected cards and investigate returns to understand exactly what happened.

EVGA shared its findings with PC World and revealed that although it was unable to use a copy of the beta version of New World to replicate the problem, according to X-ray analysis, it received the affected RTX 3090 less-than-two-dozen. All of this stems from the production run in early 2020, showing "poor workmanship" in the welding around the MOSFET circuit that powers the card.

EVGA also refutes the theory that the New World Coins failure is related to the RTX 3090 fan controller, explaining that the errors seen by some users are due to a third-party monitoring tool incorrectly reporting that the noise of the i2c bus is due to the failure of the fan controller. In general, it said that the affected batch of RTX 3090 only accounted for less than 1% of the sales cards.

As for New World, after Amazon decided to limit the frame rate in the beta, no further reports of card failure surfaced, and the long-delayed MMO is now scheduled to be released on September 28. This means that players need to get as many New World Coins as possible in the next period of time, and more New World Coins can give them a greater advantage. The emergence of NewWorldCoins easily helps players solve the problem of lack of New World Coins.


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