8 Best Ways To De-Clutter And Organize Home Before A Move!

Just like we plan out a lot of things before the move, we often take care of the most important responsibilities we should be taking care of.

Just like we plan out a lot of things before the move, we often take care of the most important responsibilities we should be taking care of. It is de-cluttering and organizing our household so that all the subsequent packing and move-related tasks happen seamlessly. Suppose you are planning to move from Hyderabad to Chennai in a couple of months, there are two major things you have to do. First, book the packers and movers in Hyderabad, and secondly, organize your space efficiently!

By the term organization, we mean giving a wonderful clean-up to the household so that the packing day goes on smoothly. Remember, a clean space and an organized home enables you to inspect your entire belongings well and a lot more closely, and perform all your move-related tasks without any hassle.

If you have an upcoming move scheduled in some time, these de-cluttering tips are going to help you out!

• Evaluate your moving plan again

De-cluttering can happen more efficiently if you have a plan guiding you for the same. If you think you have a lot of things mentioned in your moving plan and managing all that makes no sense especially when those are not going to serve you in your new home, there is no need for you to do something like that. If you have assigned more than two days to your de-cluttering task, then be very sure your task happens within that stipulated period.

• Know your exact moving budget

The next thing that is associated with your de-cluttering task is your moving budget. If your calculated budget seems a bit too much and you are not willing to spend that amount of money on your move, you must alter your budget by de-cluttering your space and getting rid of the unnecessary items. Remember, if you can manage your load, you can easily cut short your move-related expenses and therefore, your budget. So, keep that in mind and then begin with your sorting task.

• Conduct de-cluttering strategically

Does it make sense to pack and move items that you are never going to use again? Of course not! Then why even think of packing everything for the move when you have the option of letting go and move with a lesser load? So, while you look over each of your items, just remember when was the last time you used it? Ask yourself which are those items that you no longer need? Or those that you thought to get rid of before but were unable to. All these articles should either be considered for donation, sale, or clearance.

• Stick to a timeline for the purpose

The process of de-cluttering takes a lot of time. You often do not realize that but soon as you get into doing it, you get more involved and time flies by! To make sure you pull off this task as per your decided schedule and get to work on the packing tasks planned, it is very important to keep a track of time. What you can do is decide how many hours or days you will give for cleaning up each of your rooms so you can stick to that throughout.

• Keep trash bags and notepad handy

You can never miss keeping at least three garbage bags with you when you are sorting out your items. Assign these bags like the ‘donation’, ‘disposal’, and ‘sale’ pile. Just peruse whatever you get hold of and think for a moment about its utility in your life and if you are going to use that again in your new home. Then do as your instinct asks you to do. Remember, not to let your sentiments and emotions associated with the object surpass your motive’s sense – de-cluttering before the move.

• Analyze everything twice, then decide

You will come across several unnecessary household items when you are de-cluttering. If you are confused about what should be done with an object, keep it aside and tackle it with the next article. At times often in the heaps and piles of items, we end up confused and are unable to decide what is good for us at the moment – to pack or not to pack. We would simply advise you not to spend money on the packing and moving of something that you are not even going to use in the future.

• Remove all the trash before packing

As soon as you arrive at the final round of your sorting and de-cluttering, you will feel a lot better. Now all you need to do is remove all that you have kept for disposal. You can also inform the garbage removal service experts and they will reach your place to take away all the trash. For the rest of your belongings, you can visit the nearby society or association to manage the ‘donation pile’ and talk to the authorities of your society to organize a backyard sale at your place so you can get rid of the unrequired stuff before you move.

• Design your final moving inventory

After everything has been done, and you are left with only the essential household items, make sure to settle down your space and organize it till the time you start again with the packing of your goods. Since there is some time left ahead of the moving day and one of the most challenging tasks – de-cluttering has been successfully conducted, you can look after your other pre-move priorities. Also, now that you have the final list of items to be moved, do not forget to design your final moving inventory afresh. Add everything to that list and do not forget to note down the prospective costs of the items alongside. This same list would help you to inspect everything again once the goods have been delivered to you!

We hope the de-cluttering tips shared above would help you and let you design a spring-clean, organized home before your next move. Do not miss out to book the movers and packers in Hyderabad on time, so you can achieve a flawless house moving experience amidst all the packing and moving chaos!

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