A Complete Guide to Full-Service Moving

Companies that offer you a full-service move are the ones that take care of everything starting from the working of packing to arranging things in your new house.

Companies that offer you a full-service move are the ones that take care of everything starting from the working of packing to arranging things in your new house.

You don’t even have to lift a finger when you hire full service movers. The leading company Agarwal Packers and movers provides full service so that you can enjoy you’re the big day of your life. It is mainly for the people who are always busy because of their work schedules and find it difficult to pull some time for packing. It is an expensive affair to book a full service move but then is worth all the money because you don’t have to do any related to it and focus on your own work or just sit back and relax.

Here is what you will get from full service movers:

1. They will bring all the packing supplies along with them – you won’t have to arrange for anything like packing paper, cardboard boxes, packing sheets, packing tape and the like. Moreover, they bring everything that is made of good quality so that your items remain safe throughout the process.

2. The task of packing – packing is the most time consuming and energy draining task but the movers are professionally trained and experienced to pack all your household items on the moving day. Be it anything like oversized furniture pieces, electronics or anything. They will pack your items in the most efficient and effective manner.

3. Dismantling - it is difficult and risky to moves some of the hefty items as they are so they will also disassemble them so that there is no risk on the safety of your items and the ones who is lifting and loading them.

4. Loading and unloading – ones they have packed your items with utmost safety and protection, it is their job to load them on to the moving truck from your current house and then unload them from the moving vehicle to place them in your new house.

5. They transport your belongings – they come along with all the equipment and everything they need for the safety of your belongings. For added safety they put the straps before closing your moving truck as well.

6. Unpacking – After unloading your belongings from the moving vehicle, they unpack all your belongings safely so that there is no damage to your belongings. This is also a time consuming task and something that people generally postpone when they have to do it on their own after tiring day of the move.

7. Dispose all your packing material – after unpacking your belongings, you have to dispose the items that are spread all over the house and if you have children at your home then it becomes even more important to do that. They do that as well!

How much does it cost when you hire full service movers?

Hiring movers for full-service is something that is going to cost you more than the usual packing and moving work. But then it is worth it because you will get all the necessary services so that you can concentrate on your work and other move related formalities. At the end, it is going to benefit you. The cost also depends on:

• How many movers will be required for your move

• How far you are moving

• The tasks you want your movers to do

• During which time you have planned your move

• Home many possessions you have

• Specialty items you want to move

When you plan to hire moving professionals for a full service move then make sure you take quotes for at least three moving companies so that you can compare the cost of moving on the basis of the services they are providing and the USPs they have. You can also save on some money by doing some of the work on your own like you can pack your belongings yourself and ask your movers to executing loading, unloading and transportation, or you can unpacking and arrange on your own and leave the rest of the work on movers. This will allow you safe some bucks.

Advantages of hiring full-service movers

• You don’t have take leaves from your work

When you are planning a move but you cannot take leaves from your work then hiring full-service movers is the best way to avoid stressful situations. You just have to look at the paper work that is necessary to be done while moving with the moving company and with the contractors of the new and old house. If you have purchased a new house then you will have to look at the work of transferring the utilities because the movers are not going to do that for you. You will have to talk to some technician to help you out.

• You can look after your baby

If you have a baby then it would be impossible for you to carry out the process of move without hiring full-service movers. You will have to look after your baby as you cannot ignore that. You won’t be able to do the work of packing with your child as he/she will try to touch the packing supplies that can be harmful for your child. It would be better if you hire full service movers and look after your child while moving.

• You are not well

When you are going through something regarding your health then it would be impossible for you to do such energy-draining tasks. Even if you try to do that your body will not allow to sit or stand for such a long period of time. And if anything happens to health then you will end up spoiling your move for you and your family so it is better to avoid the risk and hire full-service movers.

It is recommended to hire Agarwal packers as they are the leading organization in the logistics industry.

Have a happy and safe move!


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