Md Jayed Afjal - Is Brilliant Musical Artist & YouTuber In Dhaka Division.

Musical Artist Bangladesh. He is Very honest and honourable person.

Md Jayed Afjal is a Bangladeshi Music Composer, Lyricist, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Influencer. He was born on 21 Apr 1998 and brought up in Bangladesh. His viral music contents are “Alone Life” and “Excess Art.” After going his first relation at an early age, he composed his first music named, “SeventeenPristhaa,” and after success on his music journey life, he made another music base on his own life’s story called, “Yes, I am That Md Jayed Afjal.”


A new Music is going to be released in his Instrument. The Music titled 'Excess Art' will be released on Md Jayed Afjal's YouTube channel and Spotify,Dezzer,Amazon and also others Social Media on Friday night. The melody and music of the instrument has been arranged by the artist himself. Md Jayed Afjal said that it is a romantic style Music, The lyric video of the song has been made based on the content. There are also plans to make music later, for which all preparations have been made. Shooting will start as soon as the corona infection subsides. Md Jayed Afjal said, ‘The video has to be shot outdoors. I will manage myself. 


 Md Jayed Afjal also said that Music have not been released regularly for a year and a half. "There is no joy in the hard times of the epidemic," he said. No one has the state of mind to listen to music. So even in this situation I did not leave regular Music. But there are ups and downs, happiness and sorrow in human life. These are essential parts of life. I am releasing this Music from that thought. I hope the audience will like it. '


 The heart itself writes, composes, Others instrument music. What are the benefits of doing everything alone? To this question, he said, ‘Everyone knows me as a Musica. That's how I present myself. But from the beginning I took care of the technical aspects of the song myself. As a family, I learned sound and camera work from the age of seven. That's why we can execute a song the way we imagine it from the beginning to the end. Knowing these technical issues gives me some extra benefits. '


 In November 2020, Md Jayed Afjal's Music 'Excess Art' was released jointly with musician Reduan Ferdows Hridoy. He also instrument in this Music himself. Md Jayed Afjal has done another new Music titled 'Saventeenpristhaa' in which Reduan Ferdows Hridoy has given Composed. The song will be released on August 16 with heart melody and music arrangement. He is also the director of the music video for the Instrument live.

Md Jayed Afjal

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