Tips to Choose the Suitable Rattan Leisure Chair

Some retailers will use clever imagery and take photos from certain angles to make items look bigger than they are so one of our top tips is to make notes of all the products

Rattan garden furniture has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners right. These Leisure Chair furniture sets bring style, comfort and longevity and fit perfectly into any outside space, large or small. Before you spend your hard-earned cash it’s important to do your research to understand what you need to look out for to make the right purchase. To give you a head start, here’s how to choose the best rattan garden furniture for your garden.

Invest in Quality

Highly Durable all-weather UV stabilised 100% PE rattan - The best outdoor synthetic material and the recommended grade for hot and cold climates. PE rattan is eco-friend as it is fully recyclable, unlike PVC and PU.

Thick Rattan Fibres

We only utilise high-quality thick rattan fibres for our furniture which is almost 3-5 times the weight of low-grade rattan. Our products are made with a combination of rattan fibres such as 6mm half-moon round, 12mm extra-wide flat, 14mm extra-wide flat and 10mm half-moon round chunky rattan. 5mm Round weave for trim details.

Product Size

Some retailers will use clever imagery and take photos from certain angles to make items look bigger than they are so one of our top tips is to make notes of all the products you are considering and check the dimensions, you’ll be surprised what a difference a few CM can make on a dining chair and the difference it makes to comfort. Similarly, with sofas, the depth of seats and height of back cushions can make all the difference between sitting comfortably and uncomfortably.

Pay Attention to Comfort

You'll be using your outdoor furniture to relax, so make sure it's comfortable. If chairs and lounges don't come with cushions, you can always buy or make your own cushions and pillows. Be sure to choose or use good-quality outdoor fabric that's fade- and mildew-resistant.

When buying cushions, keep in mind that the furniture itself will long outlast any upholstery, and you'll likely be replacing the pillows one or more times over the life of your furniture. Upholstery and fabrics will stay looking their best if you store them when you're not using them. Put them away after each use, if you can, but always store them out of the elements for the off-season.

In addition to comfy chairs, pieces like chaise lounges, rockers, ​and recliners are also great for relaxing outdoors. Make sure to try out your furniture before you buy it. For stretching out, you may also want to look at hammocks and daybeds.

Measure It

Take the time to measure your available space before you buy any outdoor furniture. Take the measurements with you when you go to the store or when you are looking online. Keep scale and proportion in mind. In other words, oversized pieces of furniture will make a small patio appear smaller. Conversely, large patios or decks need substantial pieces of furniture to fill the space.

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