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15. Raging Bull- there's a bull raging in the beginning , and you need to OSRS gold stop it to pass and run to the finish line! When you input the bulls land, it is going to chrage you. When this happens your character will place himself, he then catches the bulls horns and if he doesnt neglect, he will throw the bull into the floor - agility and strength- if you fail, the bull either slams into sending you flying back, or when you grab his horns he flips you out, both inducing 9 damage.

Once you finish these obstacles, keep running and run past the finish mark to triumph! Should you havent finised the race and somebody passes the end, the race finishes and you are teleported out. Should you win your prize is the cash everyone payed and an Experience Scroll, which provides 5000 EXP to Agility or Strength, whichever you select.

Okay, I have chosen to think of a new twist for one of the most popular suggested skills- Survival. I was thinking that we might have 4 survival trainers sprinkled throughout Runescape. The trainers would be present NPC's (Otto Godblessed-Woodland/Barbarian, Olaf-snow, Mage of Zamorak- Wilderness, and Shantay-Desert).

Otto of course would keep on teaching you the Barbarian abilities but they'd be used in the Survival skill (20xp for firemaking with bow and 50xp for catching fish with your hands). Also he would teach you to make a shelter (two logs utilized with a knife) that you might get in if your health was below 90% gone and have it cure you 25% of usual hitpoints level.

Although you obviously would need a high ability level or it might be too simple for people. I'm thinking that 200xp will be adequate. And Cheap RS gold in case you've already learned a few from Olaf and possess a level 10 in survival afterward Otto will teach you how you can craft a bowl using a knife and logs in case you've got a crafting level of 20. (15xp)

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